When I started Red Earth Inc., it was not meant for false nail sets. I tried multiple products that were all homemade that I wanted to do. When the pandemic hit, there was no more going to the nail shop to get my nails done. Being a mother sometimes means that I do not have the time to go to the nail shop and get pampered but I do not want to walk around without my nails done either. 


Then it hit me! Nails are something I have always been passionate about. For me, I love the intricate designs and the personality that goes into the art work. I am someone who if nothing else is done, my nails are always the eye turner. My hands are small and my fingers are wider than most girls, so growing up i did not like the look of my hands. I love how my hands look with nails, they look longer and I can shape them and mold them any which way I choose. I am in complete control of that aspect.

I started attempting to do my own nails when I was in high school. With only being right handed, it quickly became apparent that it would be more difficult to execute doing both hands the same way and having carpel tunnel in my dominant hand did not hep the situation. I refuse to let these minor set backs stop me because where there is a will, there is a way. I am self taught but looking forward to obtaining a licence in nail technology. While I have other interests and this is not my only profession at the moment, I would like for people to know that my energy or commitment is still uncompromising and that I put a lot of time and effort into every set. I may not always get it right the first time and by all means, my designs are not perfect but I still put forth my best effort and give my nails my all.

I hand paint most of my designs, or use nail foils, rhinestones, etc. I start with blank nails that are clear. While I offer hand painted and custom designed nails, I also offer pre-painted nail forms, nail glues, files, and other nail care items. The good thing about false nails is  that they can easily be applied and taken off which means they work great for all people, the busy Mother who does not have the time, the Nurse who wants long nails for the weekend but has to have shorter ones throughout the week, even the kids who just love to follow in mommy's footsteps. 

If the false do nothing else, I hope that it will be bring whoever has decided that they want them, joy, satisfaction, and maybe like me; a little more confidence when I look down. 

Meet Me




I am the owner, founder and nail designer for Red Earth Inc. I have been practicing nail art for about two months. Although I am not a professional nail artist, I am working on bettering my art and products everyday and am always up for suggestions on how to improve. I started this company because I needed a stay at home job. Although I am currently working alone, my hope is to expand and add more aspiring nail artist to the team as time goes on.